Exif Summary WordPress plugin

Exif Summary WordPress pluginI’ve pleased to announce the release of my new Exif Summary WordPress plugin. It simply writes an automatic summary at the bottom of the post with EXIF data for each jpg images used in the post. It is a perfect option for use in photologs in order to show a small summary with the basic EXIF param values without any effort.

***** Exif Summary WordPress plugin SEE IN ACTION *****
You can see this plugin in action visiting any of the photos in my photolog. Look for the summary at the bottom of any post.

***** Exif Summary WordPress plugin INSTALL GUIDE *****
1. Upload `exifsummary` dir to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Enjoy!

***** Exif Summary WordPress plugin LICENSE *****
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version. (…) Please see full text at readme.txt

***** Exif Summary WordPress plugin REPORTING BUGS *****
Please send me a comment at the bottom of this post an be patient.

***** Exif Summary WordPress plugin FEEDBACK *****

I should be very much obliged if you leave a comment to this post with your website URL with the plugin in action.

***** Exif Summary WordPress plugin DOWNLOAD the LATEST VERSION *****
Now you can download the latest version and enjoy it.

Thanks in advance to everybody that will use this plugin.

[The original icon of this post was taken from my favourite image editing software Apple Aperture 2]

12 thoughts on “Exif Summary WordPress plugin

  1. The only way to do it now, is editing the exifsummary.php file with a text editor.

    You will need to comment the lines that gets the undesirable properties to show.

    You can find this source code in lines from #180 to #234
    An example in order to hide the EXIF Camera Make property would be like as bellow:

    // this is a comment in PHP
    // $exifDetails = $exifDetails . exsum_buildProperty ('Camera Make', $exifData['Make']);

    happy coding & enjoy

  2. The exifsummary plugin adds automatically the div id=’es_box’ at the end the post content. At this momment you only can change the properties and position of this box editing the exifsummary.css stylesheet.

  3. I installed this plugin with the “pixel” theme, and activated it. However, when I upload photos to a new post, there is no Summary section showing the EXIF data. Any ideas?

  4. hello..

    i am using your plugin that display exif summary for my photos in my blog.
    however the plugin show the exif summary right after the content.

    at the single blog page, i created an author box and how can i display the exif summary inside the author box and not right after the content?

    • I’ve updated my blog to WP 3.0.2 and it’s working fine. What is the URL of your blog?
      You can download and install the last version from the plugin.
      Also you could try to deactivate all other plugins except Exif Summary WordPress plugin and see if it works.

  5. what is the latest version of your plugin? i am still not open my site for public but maybe we can set a time so i can open it a while just for you to see my problem.

    • hi..
      i just did what you said, deactivate all other plugins, i even try it in the twenty ten default theme, still its not working. its weird why before i upgrade it was working fine.

    • I’ve uploaded the latest version, the some that I’ve working at this site. You can get the link above on this post content. Please, download it, test again and give me feedback.